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An entertaining program that allows you to play the virtual piano
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AnalogX Virtual Piano is a funny and relaxing program that simulates piano playing on your computer. The application offers you the possibility to play the piano, without your needing to spend a sizable sum of money on the actual instrument. AnalogX Virtual Piano makes your computer keyboard stand for a four-octave piano keyboard, with each key representing a specific musical note. In this manner, the program enables you to develop and practice your piano skills.

The main purpose of AnalogX Virtual Piano is to familiarize you with playing this instrument. Yet, if you intend to thoroughly learn how to play the piano, it is recommended that you try using more complex, professional applications. Nevertheless, you can still use AnalogX Virtual Piano to grasp the basics. You will begin learning how to recognize musical scales, as well as the subtle nuances of flat and sharp notes. As such, the application will gradually allow you to engage in the world of instrumental music. You should, however, be aware that AnalogX Virtual Piano requires a MIDI output device and a sound source in order to properly run. This application comes with a very simple and straightforward interface, and can be easily used by anyone. Unfortunately, through, it does not include further functions beyond just playing the keys.

To conclude, AnalogX Virtual Piano is an entertaining program that helps its users gain musical experience while playing the virtual piano.

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